5 Questions You Should Ask Your Breeder

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It should go without saying that every breeder isn’t the same. With that being said, every breeder isn’t a good one. There are plenty of breeders who solely do what they do for profit, as opposed to wanting to better the breed. But how do you know if you’re working with a good, reputable breeder? You can start by asking them these five questions.



1. What Inspired You to Breed German Shepherds?

Good breeders will respond to this question by stating how much they love the breed, how they fell in love with the breed, and explain why they have a general attachment to German Shepherds in particular. If your breeder doesn’t give a clear answer or an answer you don’t like, consider looking for an alternative breeder.


2. Are the Parents Registered? If So, Which Kennel Clubs?

The next thing you’ll want to know is if the parents are registered with any kennel clubs. Kennel clubs are influential organizations that maintain breed standards, record pedigrees, and issue the rules for conformation dog shows and trials and accreditation of judges. They often keep lists of adult purebred dogs and lists of litters of puppies born to purebred parents. If your breeder breeds purebred, their parents will be registered with a kennel club. 


3. Are the Parents Health Tested?

The last thing you want is a puppy with health problems. One way you can avoid this problem is by asking your breeder if your puppy’s parents are health tested. Health tests will tell you if your puppy will have health problems later on in life. If the answer is yes, ask to see the documentation so you can make the best decision.


4. Are the Puppies Provided Veterinary Care and Up to Date Vaccinations?

Good breeders will provide all their puppies with adequate veterinary care and keep them up to date on their vaccinations. If a breeder doesn’t provide veterinary care, nor keep the puppies up to date on their vaccinations, you may want to consider looking for an alternative breeder. You always want a healthy and happy puppy. 


5. Where Are Your Puppies Raised?

A healthy and safe environment is important for puppies. Good breeders know this and will ensure that every puppy is in a healthy and safe environment. During the first four days of life, puppies should be in an environment that is between 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, close to their mother, and relatively secluded. 


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