There are so many decisions to make when bringing your new puppy home . One of them is what diet choices will you make for your new puppy . Everyone one has varied different opinions on this topic . A raw diet and high quality kibble seem to be the most common.

We find most families and individuals select kibble for their new puppy . Our recommendations is to feed a high quality Large Breed Puppy Food with rating 4 + star & above for first 2 years of your German Shepherd’s life . Then switching the an appropriate large breed dog food 4 + stars . We also recommend checking for the main ingredients in the dog food you select and searching for recalls on the brand you select so you can make a decision about the quality the company is providing & always checking in with your vet for their important guidance.
german shepherd with ball
PMR – Prey model raw is the diet a dog would follow in the wild . Consisting of meat proteins , bones ( whole or ground consistency ) , meats of the organs, some diary , eggs . To preserve the nutrient content all of these are fed to your dog raw . All food needs to be washed and handled properly . With nice colorful additions of fruits and vegetables . ( please always check with your vet about a list of approved food for your puppy or dog . )