How German Shepherds Think

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The bond that you share with your German Shepherd is very close. It may seem like your dog can read your mind. In truth, your GSD is very intuitive and can pick up on your moods and emotions. German Shepherds are intelligent and highly trainable dogs that have a strong instinct to work and please their owners. At Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds, our breeders have expertise in all things GSD. Keep reading to learn about how German Shepherds think.


German Shepherds are capable of analyzing their surroundings and making sense of the world around them. German Shepherds examine their environment to assess any potential threats or opportunities. They are constantly scanning their surroundings, looking for anything that might be out of the ordinary. They can observe and process information logically and strategically, which can help them make smart decisions. 


German Shepherds tend to have a good sense of how to achieve their goals. They can think ahead and plan out their actions to achieve the desired outcome. They are also able to prioritize tasks based on their level of importance. German Shepherd Dogs are able to determine which tasks require immediate attention and which can wait.


German Shepherds have a sharp mind and are very perceptive of their environment. They are constantly picking up on cues from their owners, other animals, and the environment. They adjust their behavior and actions based on new information. The ability to read and respond to their surroundings is what makes German Shepherds excellent guard dogs and working dogs.


GSDs are sensitive dogs that are capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions, including joy, fear, anger, and sadness. German Shepherds are empathetic and are highly attuned to their owner’s moods. They will often try to comfort their owners if they sense they are upset. GSDs are also social animals and enjoy being around people. However, they may be reserved or cautious with strangers. 


German Shepherds are known for being one of the most loyal dog breeds. They have a natural instinct to bond with their owners and form strong attachments. German Shepherds are fiercely protective of their families and will go to great lengths to defend them if they sense they are in danger. GSDs will assertively stand their ground and are suited to be either watchdog or guardian, whichever the situation demands. They are also highly trainable and will often remain loyal to their owners for life. 

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