How to Keep Your German Shepherd Cool in the Summer Heat

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Summer heat can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your German Shepherd. German Shepherds have thick coats that keep them warm throughout the winter but can easily cause them to overheat during the summer. Additionally, like other dogs, they don’t perspire, so they need the help of their owners to keep them cool. Follow these tips to keep your German Shepherd cool in the summer heat. 



Keep a Kiddie Pool Nearby

When playing under the sun, it’s always a good idea to have a kiddie pool ready for your German Shepherd to use. Keeping a kiddie pool full of cool water will help cool down your German Shepherd whenever they see necessary. You can also help them by filling the pool with fun water toys to entice them to stay longer in the kiddie pool. 


Reward Your Dog with Frozen Treats

Every dog appreciates treats. Your German Shepherd can remain cool if you reward them with cool treats. Things like cold carrots, blueberries, and bananas are great treats for your German Shepherd during the summer. However, before rewarding your German Shepherd with human food, be sure to research if the treat you’re about to give them is safe for them to digest. 


Keep Them Off Hot Roads

During the summer, asphalt and concrete become extremely hot. Since humans wear shoes, we don’t feel it as much, but our furry companions do. To keep your German Shepherd cool, keep them off hot asphalt or concrete. Instead, have them play in cool grass to help prevent their paws from being burnt. Keeping them in the grass will also help avoid other health problems as they age. 


Do NOT Give Your German Shepherd a Haircut

You may think that the less hair they have, the cooler they’ll be during the summer. This is not true. In fact, cutting a German Shepherd’s hair will only make them more susceptible to heat and sunburn. Their thick coat protects their delicate skin, so do not remove it when they need it most. 


Limit Outside Time

Dogs often don’t realize when they’re overheating. During the day, when temperatures reach upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, dogs do not realize they are overheating and need to cool down. So as an owner of a German Shepherd, it’s your responsibility to limit their outdoor time. It’s best to avoid midday heat and instead let your German Shepherd out earlier and later in the day to make up for time lost in the middle of the day when it’s extremely hot.


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