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We take great pride in breeding and importing West German Showline German Shepherds at our farm in Upperco, Maryland. Our dogs are our family. They are raised on our farm and get to interact and play with our young family, run around with plenty of ample space, and are treated with the utmost service and professional care. All of our puppies are registered with USCA (United Schutzhund Club of America) AKC or SV (German Shepherd Association of Germany) registry.
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Championship Bloodlines

Showline West German Shepherds

Showline West German Shepherds from Championship Bloodlines are exceptional dogs, characterized by their even disposition, confident temperament, and remarkable intelligence that reflects the true essence of the breed. Unlike many breeders, our approach to raising these dogs is distinct, a difference that’s evident in our facility and the offspring we produce.

We’ve imported European German Shepherd females boasting championship pedigrees. Furthermore, we offer a selection of dogs with V(Excellent) ratings that have secured their own titles.

Our imported breeding studs, handpicked for their alignment with German Shepherd breed standards, come with outstanding pedigrees, VA(Excellent Select) ratings, and notable titles.

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Why choose us for your german Shepherd puppy

With years of personal experience owning our own German Shepherds, we are filled with excitement for our loving customers to now experience the joy and happiness that these beautiful dogs will give you. When we are able to pair one of our German Shepherd puppies with an individual, an organization, or a family, we know that we’ve helped to create a bond and a friendship that will last forever.
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raised as if they were our own

In addition to their previous & current championship heritage & excellent pedigrees . German Shepherd Puppies from Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds from our Maryland farm are raised with our family. We use a program from Europe called Puppy Culture to assist in the development of a healthy, happy dog with confidence & to improve companionship. Puppies are provided with
We work with a waiting & reserved list for our puppies to focus and invest our time into the future of our puppies. We are a in home selective breeder.

Golden Ridge Farm

Our Mission is simple

Our goal is to pair families , individuals , or agencies with German Shepherd dogs that exceed expectations . We continue where man and dog have built a strong relationship that lasts a lifetime .

We strive to continuously better the beloved breed through a selective breeding program with excellent pedigrees and proven championship bloodlines. We focus on providing German Shepherd puppies with excellent temperaments, that possess the qualifications of the German Shepherd breed standards and physical health to become top quality members of your family or team .

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