Training German Commands

German Commands and Translations:

Training your new dog can be so fun and a great way to bond even more! Training your dog is just like improving any relationship you have. It’s a great investment into the relationship you have with your dog.

As adults we thought this was fun to expand our dogs skills with these but the best part was watching my children start to use these commands and running to tell their friends they speak in German to their dogs!

  • Achtung-Watch
  • Aus-Let Go
  • Bei Fuss-Heel
  • Bleib-Stay
  • Komm-Come
  • Nein-No
  • Nimm-Take It
  • Bleib sitzen-Stay sitting
  • Bringen-Fetch
  • Fass-Attack
  • Geh weitier-Go
  • Gib Laut-Speak
  • Halten-Halt/Stop
  • Hopp-Jump
  • Platz-Down
  • Setz-Sit
  • Such-Search
  • Voras- Go Out
  • Zur Spur-Trail
  • Zur Wache-Guard