German Shepherd Puppies


German Shepherd Puppies from Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds in Maryland

We are proud to provide you with Well Bred, Purebred German Shepherds. These puppies are an exemplary of what a true German Shepherd is; a beautiful being with a wonderful temperament & soul.           

Our puppies are provided with a …

Plus a puppy care package to their new homes after 8 weeks of age!

See below about our puppies available now & more information about our future litters.

Process for placement of a German Shepherd puppy.

  1. Puppy Application (Feel free to call 1st if you have more questions we can answer for you. 410-200-9857)

  2. Schedule a phone interview
  3. Phone Interview
  4. Holding Fee (If approved)
  • Waiting List $200
  • Reserved List $500

      5. Visit by FaceTime or in-person

You must have completed a puppy application to be approved on our waiting list to get an invitation to our RSVP Open Houses.

Visit our page Selecting Your New Puppy for more information about our Waiting List & Reserved List.

Each litter is priced individually by the accomplishments of the direct lineage.

We do not have set prices but rather evaluate each mating potential value.

Interested in more details 410-200-9857

Please complete our puppy application below if you are interested in one of Golden Ridge's German Shepherd puppies.

 Don't forget about becoming prepared with starting your training preparations! Start training them the day they come home and do it from the comfort of your own house. Online training is one thing, but an entire lifetime membership is a whole new adventure for you and your pup. Please get started today, before you pick up your new fur baby, and make a plan to set you both up for success! 

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Xari & Yupp
Male: Yupp


  1. Fill out our Application.
  2. We will send you pricing information.
  3. Determine a upcoming litter you would like a puppy from.
  4. Send us a deposit to secure your a puppy.
  5. Wait for the arrival of your puppy. If you have reserved a future puppy.
  6. Watch your puppy grow through the photos.
  7. Schedule a virtual Face to Face.
  8. Picking up your puppy.
Female: Xari

Raising a German Shepherd Puppy


We believe even though we love all German Shepherds that not all are able to provide the required traits to provide the next generation. We have a set of standards just as they do in Germany that we require our breeding stock to excel in. The most important traits we focus on is the dogs temperament & clear mind. The importance of a mother's clear mind & comfort is imprinted onto their young.


Our puppies are raised with our family in our home. Litters are started in a private quiet room with vet bedding as they grow move to puppy areas designed for their well being with special bedding & flooring. Each litter is litterbox trained not just to keep everything clean but with mindfulness that is positive for their health & house breaking.


Curriculum to assist in the development of a healthy, happy dog with confidence & to improve companionship. Focuses on stimulation & socialization skills throughout the puppy's first 8 weeks as well as ENI?ESI. Temperament assessments we provide on each individual puppy to ensure the best placement of our puppies. All of these are important foundation blocks in their life that are essential in raising these German Shepherds to reach their fullest potentials.


Optional Add-on’s for your new puppy from Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds-

       1.      Add Crate Training: $650 – Your puppy will stay with us & start crate training 1 hour at a time until the puppy is  able to stay clean for approximately 6-8 hours at night. During the day socialization & enrichment activities as well as positive crate games & naps. 

      2.       Add Basic Obedience: $2,000 – Your puppy will stay an additional 4 weeks after reaching 8 weeks of age. Puppy will be crate trained, graduate with AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy in addition to being raised in our home environment & age appropriate health care.

That ‘ s what we take pride in at Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds in Upperco, Maryland .

*Please note we must collect Sales Tax for the state of Maryland at 6% on the sales of our puppies*