German Shepherd Qualities

Value in the next Generation

Purpose for the German Shepherd

Going back to origins of this beautiful breed, German Shepherds are known for herding sheep from the beginning of there creation. Their intelligence, speed, sense of smell and strength made them perfect dogs for sheep herders. Fast forward to today, German Shepherds are sought after by many for these reasons. German Shepherds have expanded into many roles and exceed,  widely used for drug and explosives detection, search & rescue, as service animals, in addition to emotional support. With high emotional intelligence, even temperament, clear mind their potential and training is a rewarding experience. 


 Golden Ridge German Shepherds are bred for their amazing temperaments and versatility of purpose within the German Shepherd breed. 

Golden Ridge places puppies on a individual basis to ensure appropriate placement for each puppy.


 German Shepherds are the perfect companion for any family or individual. German Shepherds possess high emotional intelligence, a natural protective nature & a highly pleasing nature. They have been a very loved breed for these charming qualities for generations.

Responsibly bred German Shepherd’s are more than just a pet. The trust placed in close everyday interaction is one of investment into this companion’s health, stable nerves and lifelong commitment. (Without reckless regard for the risk of quality of life, vet cost & possible injury or lawsuit.)


Schutzhund is German for “protection dog.” German Shepherd Dogs are known as one of the most protective breeds ever. the combination of strength intelligence and instincts is a power combination in the work of protection.  The natural instincts to protect their territory, family makes them undeniably a great deterrent. In combination with their athleticism, bite force of over 2oolbs exhibits their ability to overcome obstacles and intimate potential threats. Most are just looking for this natural nature of this dog, with training obtaining a German Shepherd that can be taught to respond and act appropriately to varying threats.

 Important to note though that a German Shepherd with weak nerves is not guaranteed protection. That dog will defend in fight or flight mode, lacking the most important quality of confidence.


German Shepherds can acquire a high, working drive depending on their pedigrees. This is an important factor to understand. German Shepherds with high energy and high drive are eager with motivation to please and ready to work. They are alert and actively enjoy working. If you active, enjoy a high level of training/ skills, interested involvement into dog sports? These  German Shepherds can be a wonderful partner. 

Important to know the genetics and work with a breeder to understand the potential of German Shepherds like this, not all are suited for family life, or first time GSD owners.


Proven qualifications protect the future generations of the German Shepherd Breed.

Responsible breeding practices to use the meaningful assessments and measurements with the knowledge of biological, behavioral research hereditary dispositions and environmental impact is to ensure quality of life for the German Shepherd Breed. Otherwise it’s just someone’s word.. and how do you verify that?


These building steps are essential for a solid foundation in health, mind & genetic integrity of the German Shepherd.


Verify the importance of properly breeding the German Shepherd breed? 

 There is so much more to know about the Breed of German Shepherds, want to know more…just ask?

The love for this breed we love to share to educate and protect their future!

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