About Us


Our family owns a small farm in Maryland that includes plenty of space for our German Shepherds . Our farm has been blessed with German Shepherds , cats , chickens , goats , and miniature cows .

Our young family care for our facility and our German Shepherds as a family operation . Our boys get the fun part , enjoying a loving relationship with our beautiful animals . One of the greatest joys as parents is witnessing these moments and bonds .

Since owning my first German Shepherd over 10 years ago , I have fallen head over heels for this breed . My boy was so loyal and compassionate , it was like he had been missing from my life .

I have worked in Labor & Delivery for over 12 years before making our farm and our German Shepherds my # 1 priority . I have dedicated myself to breeding German Shepherds by building strong relationships with wonderful breeders & vetrianarians with extensive knowledge .

We are approved by our local humane society with our Kennel License through yearly inspection and vaccination records. 

We are family operated and run our businesses out of our home. This means we need to implement time management strategies to ensure our family including our dogs are always our first priority. Due to an overwhelming amount of people interested in meeting us and our dogs, we offer quality photographs and videos of our dogs in the everyday environment to provide you an insight into our values in caretaking for these precious animals. We also make ourselves available to communicate over the phone.

 Being on our waiting list is an opportunity to receive an invitation to our RSVP Open Houses.

Our Breeding Program is affiliated with the following: 

Programs/ Certifications & Club members~

  • Puppy Culture Breeder(Approval)
  • Micheal Ellis Training Certification
  • Whelping & Medical Intervention Coursework
  • Good Dog Breeder(Approval)
  • United Shuzthund Club of America(USCA)
  • German Shepherd Club of America