What To Ask Your Breeder




 Not all breeders are created equal. Choosing a well-bred pure-bred puppy from any  breeder will not always result in your dream dog. For your dog & the breed it is the responsible practice is to research, verify and shop responsibly. Breeders have different values established into their breeding programs. Unfortunately there are many “breeders” who use the latest and coolest to attract buyers and not to better the breed. For example.. Golden Ridge German Shepherds will not consider breeding dogs for profit ever! Over our standards for temperment. They aren’t all bad, but it is safe to say ( sadly ) that there are more bad breeders than good ones. Those breeders are providing you with unknown cards in a game. The money you do not spend initially will cost you in the long term with health problems & aggressive temperaments, behavioral difficulties that will cost you with a specialized trainer or worse a dog bite to a neighbor or child.

A good dog breeder provides resources and education. Early stimulation and socialization provided for a well being of the puppy they are raising . Communication as they have invested into the puppy they are providing to you and want to invest in your relationship you will have with your German Shepherd puppy.  The parents should be health & temperament tested at a minimum before breeding . Documentation of Hip & Elbow certifications, Degenerative Myolpathy results are all essential to produce a healthy dog. Working titles to produce a dog with a clear head. The bloodline should be decorated with past and current Champions, working titles, & proven temperaments.

  German Shepherds are a working  large breed dog. The proof is in the dog of why the bred has standards that our enforced in some countries. The proof is in Golden Ridge German Shepherd puppies.

  1. What inspired you to breed German Shepherds?
  2. Where are your puppies raised?
  3. Are your puppies raised with proven curriculum?
  4. Are the parents registered? If so with which kennel clubs?
  5. What are the temperaments of the parents? Have the parents passed temperament testing?
  6. Are the parents health tested? with documentation?
  7. Are the puppies provided veterinary care and up to date vaccinations?
  8. Have the parents received their breed qualifications and titles?
  9. Where can you locate additional information about the dog’s pedigrees to verify for yourself?
  10. Do you evaluated these puppies before placing them?
  11. How have you socialized these puppies?
  12. When can I take my German shepherd puppy home?
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