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Before you buy a puppy, you need to learn how to check dog breeders. We’ve heard of puppy mills before, and you want to make sure that you aren’t getting any puppy that comes from one. Why are puppy mills so bad? It’s because they’re inhumane, high-volume dog breeding facilities that ignore the needs of the pups and their mothers. This often leads to sickness and not enough socialization. Here’s how you can check to see if you’re getting a puppy from a humane, reputable breeder. 



Get a Minimum of Two References

References are essential in business since they provide proof of the quality of a specific service or product. When it comes to dog breeding, references are unavoidable and invaluable. They allow you to qualify a breeder to see if you should consider them or not based on other people’s experiences with them. That’s why you should seek out at least two references from actual owners who have bought their puppies from a breeder before making a decision.


Check their Website

A professional, high-quality website is a sign of a reputable breeder. While not every reputable breeder has a well-put-together website, a lot of them do. That’s because most business is conducted online these days, and reputable breeders know that their business depends on a professional and well-constructed website. Some of the things you should look for on a breeder’s website are:

  • A clear and transparent about us page
  • A page that contains all the contact info, such as phone number, email, and social media, if applicable
  • A page that shows all the certifications, licenses, and qualifications that accredit the breeder
  • A blog that showcases the expertise of the breeder about the breed


Check to See if they Have Proper Kennel Registries

Any reputable breeder will have proper kennel registry. The kennel registry allows you to see that they have complied with all the documentation and standards to breed a specific dog breed. There are several kennel registries, including the AKC, CKC, UKC, and FCI. 


Ask a Lot of Questions

The only way you’ll receive answers to your questions about a breeder is by asking them. Ask all the questions you have, and do not limit yourself. Receiving answers to your questions will clear up any doubts you have about a breeder. If you aren’t sure what to ask, here are a few suggestions: 

  • How old is the puppy?
  • Can I see the full litter?
  • Have you socialized the puppies?
  • What diet should I give my puppy?
  • What vaccinations has the puppy received?
  • Do you have copies of the health certificates for the mother and father? 


Visit in Person

One of the best ways to check a breeder is by visiting them in person. You want to ensure that you are buying a puppy that is healthy since it’s not only ethical for you and the dog, but also because it means you will minimize the risk of receiving a puppy with potential health issues. The only way to ensure that is to see the puppy’s conditions for yourself. Any breeder that does not allow you to visit them in person should not be considered because it likely means they’re hiding something. 


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