Getting German Shepherd Puppies Off to a Good Start

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Here at Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds, we take great pride in the way we breed and raise our purebred German Shepherds. We care for them during their first few weeks of life and eventually send them off to their forever homes. The first few weeks of life are crucial, and once they reach their forever homes, it’s important to continue training them and adding to their positive experiences. Here’s how German Shepherd puppies can get started on the right foot: 



Puppy Culture

Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherds prepares all our puppies for a good start in life through a program called Puppy Culture. Puppy Culture is a program developed in Europe by a professional dog trainer named Jane Killion. This complete 50+ lesson program focuses on stimulation and socialization skills throughout the puppy’s first eight weeks of life. This ensures that the puppies are ready to go through life the right way and have a great first start doing so.


Keeping them Active

It’s important to keep German Shepherd puppies active. Lack of exercise and stimulation can cause behavioral problems. So that’s why our puppies have plenty of space to run around and be active. Once your new German Shepherd comes home, you must keep them active. Experts recommend a minimum of two hours of exercise a day, but the more the better. 


Keeping them Healthy

All German Shepherds on our farm are certified purebreds. That means that you don’t have to worry about any health risks that come with crossbreeding. All of Golden Ridge’s German Shepherds are also provided veterinary care and dewormed. That ensures that your new puppy has a healthy start in life. When you purchase one of our German Shepherds, you will be provided with a veterinary health certificate, a deworming schedule, and a health guarantee. 


Continuous Training

Once a German Shepherd puppy has left our farm, it’s up to its new families to continue training. Training is crucial for a lot of dog breeds, but it’s especially important for German Shepherds. Whether you intend on making your German Shepherd a guard dog or not, you never want your dog to be mean. Proper training, love, and guidance will ensure that this never happens. 


Find Your Perfect German Shepherd

If you’re ready to open your home to a new German Shepherd puppy, look no further than Golden Ridge Farm German Shepherd. We do everything in our power to get all of our puppies off to a good start and stand behind every one of our German Shepherd puppies. Click here to see pictures and videos of available puppies, or give us a call to learn more about our farm. 


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