German Pink Papered Import.

Medium sized traditional female. Solid nerves and strong ambition.

Free precedence with very good grandeur. Secure nature

She is a wonderful addition to our home and program to provide authentic German Shepherd puppies for companion, sport and more. Updated Photos & Bio to come…

Bee vom haus Trojan

Category: West German Shepherd
Reg. No. 1: SV
Reg. No. 2: AKC
Coat Type: Stock
Color: Black & Red
Title: IGP1
Show Rank: V

Genetic Health

Hips (HD): Normal
Elbows (ED): Normal
Breed Value: 84
DM: Normal
DNA Profile: AKC/Embark

Anatomy Data

Coat Type: Stock
Height / Withers: 57.5 cm / 22.6 in
Depth Breast: 27 cm / 10.6 in
Width Breast: 73 cm / 28.7 in
Weight: 27.0 kg / 59.5 lbs


Medium-sized, medium-strong, full-bodied, dry and firm, very good body proportions, expressive with a very well-formed head. High, long withers, straight, firm back, good position and length of the croup. Very well angulated, straight front. Still a straight step sequence, smooth gaits that go flat over the ground with effective replenishment and free precedence with very good grandeur. Secure nature, TSB pronounced. V. A particularly typey and expressive breeding bitch with a very good movement.

Owner / Breeder Information

Golden Ridge Farm