We start by providing the dam with pre-natal care & extra attention so she is healthy, happy & comfortable for the journey of whelping.

Before we even consider breeding we have our vet preform a pre-breeding physical & any recommended laboratory test. This is to ensure she is free & clear of any potential problems for the breed & her litter. We also preform the recommend test on our chosen Sire for the litter. Then after the breeding has occurred. We keep the Dam isolated from other Environments, dogs and potential hazards as she is susceptible during pregnancy with a lowered immune system. We wait for what seems like forever to find out if she is pregnant and continue to care for her as her pregnancy progresses with high quality food and supplements. As her due date arrives we set up her area in our home that is designated just for her so she can feel comfortable and safe. Then we wait some more until the Dam starts to show signs that labor is impending. It’s a long but anxiously exciting process.

Whelping- We believe in mother natures ability. So we watch and only intervene when we see necessary cause for the Dam’s & puppies well being.

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Starting with Puppy Culture stimulation and socialization for improved companionship and confidence!

Puppy Culture is developed by Jane Killion a professional breeder & trainer as a method for breeders to give their puppy’s the best possible outcome of being a confident dog. She has identified at the right time and what we teach them for the best start possible in life. This program is broken down into key time frames of a puppy life.

1st The Prenatal Period

During this period we have already selected our matings based on our strict guidance from the SV Standards, now we focus on the mother’s physical & emotional health. Research shows puppies enjoy touch and are more docile when their mothers are provided pre-natal massages during pregnancy. the puppy’s predisposition s formed through meaningful relationships before they are ever born.

2nd The Neonatal

We start with early neurological stimulation. Benefits of this are puppies with greater tolerance to stress, resistance to disease, a faster adrenal system, with a stronger heart.

3rd The Transitional Period

This is when the eyes are starting to open and we start socialization with enrichment filled environment.

4th The Critical Socialization

Beginning to meet new people like my children who can begin to handle them. Exercises to avoid desperation anxiety and the designated potty area is established. Week by week we introduce new things such as crates, sleeping and eating in them. Venturing out of the whelping area. Meeting new things and people of all various sizes. How to ask nicely for affection. Then starting on basic obedience, recall, sit. while working through the puppies fear stages knowing how to handle them & what not to do.


All of this is incredibly important for the outcome of a puppy’s life. Providing the puppy with emotional intelligence with key enrichments to produce a wonderful companion with confidence!