What are the German Shepherd Designations and What Do They Mean?

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Did you know that German Shepherds have different designations? Sometimes, it can become confusing to know what all the different letters behind the names actually mean. Although they are all wonderful dogs, it helps to know a little more about the types of German Shepherds out there so you can make the best decision. 


AD Aus dauerprufing

This is an endurance title. For a German Shepherd to be classified as this, it must be at least 16 months old, pass an endurance test, and pass a simple obedience test. 


B or BH Begleithunde

This is a basic companion dog. B and BH are used interchangeably. For a dog to classify as this, it must be at least 15 months old.



This abbreviation stands for “watchdog”. For a dog to classify as a watchdog, it must be at least 15 months old. 



Schutzhund originated in Germany in the early 1900s as a breeding suitability test for the German Shepherd breed. 


Grand Victor (GV)

If you see this abbreviation on a German Shepherd’s pedigree, it means that the dog was deemed the best of all dogs shown in the breed class.


(SG)-Sehr Gut Rated

The Sehr gut rating, also known as the “very good” rating is the highest a dog can receive in the Jungenklasse (12-18 months) and the Junghundklasse (18-24). If you see the abbreviated rating “SG” on your German Shepherd’s pedigree, it means the dog shows great promise in conformation, general appearance, and good character. 


(G)-Gut Rated

This rating indicates that the dog received a “good” rating in the Jungendklasse (12-18 months) or the Junghundklasse (18-24 months).


BH-Traffic Companion Dog Title

This title is given on a pass or fail basis. For a dog to pass and earn this title, it must not exhibit any indication of shyness or incompetence in a heavy traffic situation. This includes places like busy streets and around groups of people.


AD-Endurance Title

To get the AD designation, a dog must run at a steady trot for a certain amount of time. During the test, the dog will run 12 miles and adhere to obedience tests every four miles. If the dog can do those things, it will pass the test and get the designation “AD”. 


Want to Learn More?

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